The 5 Best Places To Use Your Headshot

The 5 Best Places To Use Your Headshot 

Are you planning on getting a professional headshot? If so, you’re probably excited to show the photos to your friends and family and maybe post them to Facebook or LinkedIn. While we highly encourage you to do all of these things, why stop there? There are plenty of opportunities for you to use your headshot. After all, you spent plenty of time researching your headshot photographer, picking out your wardrobe, getting ready, finding a location, and taking photos. We’ll give you our recommendation for the 5 best places to use your headshot so that you can get the most of your investment!


1. In The Press

Are you getting featured in a magazine, newspaper, or article? If so, your professional headshot is a great way to show off your best self and promote your personal brand. Including a photo with your press release is a great way to grab people’s attention and can help enhance the story. Relevant photos will help you get your message across because, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! Plus, journalists and bloggers may be more likely to cover a story that includes an image. As professional headshot photographers, we know what the media is looking for and how to get relevant photos. 


2. Post Them On Your Website

Your “About Us” page is one of the most important pages on your website. It’s where leads, customers, investors, clients, and job candidates go to learn more about your company. Adding your headshot to this page will serve as a great first impression and put a face to your business. You don’t have to use a generic photo with a bland background either! A unique and thoughtful headshot will let others get a sense of your personality and company culture. You can show off your team and include individual photos, group photos, and a bio. When people connect faces to the brand, it will help build credibility and trust. If someone wants to learn more about your company, knowing who’s running the business is a vital piece of information. When they find friendly smiling faces on the “About Us” page, they may be more inclined to take the next steps to engage with your company!


3. Incorporate Them in Blogs

Whether you’re writing your own blog or are getting featured in one, blogs are an extremely common business practice. These are the perfect opportunity for your stunning headshot! We highly recommend using your headshots when getting featured on another company’s blog or website. The more opportunities you have for other people to see your headshot, the more recognizable you’ll be. This improves the credibility and brand awareness of both you and your brand. 


4. Add It to Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile picture is a great headshot opportunity. Your end-users, clients, customers, and prospects can all easily find you on LinkedIn. A high-quality and current photo will make you stand out and reflect professionalism for your business. If you want to go the extra mile, you can include a team photo in your header as well! This shows that your business is more than a business; it’s a team of hard-working and talented people. Don’t neglect LinkedIn because it’s a social media platform; treat it like it’s an extension of your company’s website!


5. Include It in Your Brochure

Brochures are a great way to provide people with plenty of important information about your business. It subtly tells others that your business is reliable, trustworthy, and professional. Adding professional photos of you and your team is the icing on the cake. When the recipient reads through your brochure, they’ll see you as an authority figure in your industry. It puts you ahead of your competition because it’s a quick and efficient way to introduce yourself to hundreds or thousands of prospects instantly. 


Experience the Mike & Jenn Difference

The first step of putting your headshots to work is to actually get a headshot! Now that you know the 5 best places to use your headshot, it’s time to find the right photographer for you. At Mike & Jenn Photography, we’re passionate about providing an unparalleled experience. We’re always more than happy to help you choose outfits, poses, and locations to help you look your BEST!! We’ll make sure the entire process goes smoothly, and we’ll make sure to have some fun along the way! We look forward to working with you and capturing some shots that will wow your customers and clients! We’ll See you soon. Mike + Jenn