Professional Headshot FAQ

Professional Headshot FAQfotex2021-01-19T00:07:07+00:00
Do I need a professional headshot?fotex2021-01-18T21:26:16+00:00

If you have an online presence, are a business owner, speaker, and more, a professional headshot is a must! When a client lands on your website or a recruiter looks you up on LinkedIn, your photo serves as your first impression. It can influence how you are perceived and ensure that the personal and professional relationship starts off on the right foot.

How often should I update my headshot?fotex2021-01-18T21:24:57+00:00

If you are in the performing arts, we recommend getting your headshots updated every year. If you work in an office or corporate environment, we recommend getting headshots whenever you have new employees or when someone’s appearance has significantly changed. Every two years would be a good gauge. You want to make sure people aren’t surprised when they meet you in person 🙂

What about my hair?fotex2021-01-18T21:24:00+00:00

You want to show your best self during headshots, and your hair is an integral part of your look. We suggest going with a barber or stylist you trust and not someone new. Go a couple of days BEFORE your headshot, so your hair can set-in, and you’re used to it. Remember, your headshot tells a story of who you are, and you want them to reflect your personality. Take some time well before your photo session to consider what style fits the narrative you wish to present.

What about makeup?fotex2021-01-19T01:27:55+00:00

Absolutely!! For women, hair and makeup can make all the difference. You will want to have your hair styled and makeup applied by a professional. The makeup should be airbrushed so be sure to ask about that! CLICK HERE for more detailed information.

How long will the session take?fotex2021-01-18T21:21:40+00:00

That depends. For single headshots, and just a few photos, most sessions take 30 minutes or less. We will start by determining the image you want to portray, and then review the photos and work together until we have an image everyone’s happy with! If you are looking to get more content for yourself, we recommend our portrait session.

What should I wear to the session?fotex2021-01-18T21:20:53+00:00

Wear clothing that fits you well and that you like. Headshots are about relaxed confidence, so you don’t want to wear something that makes you uncomfortable or doesn’t fit properly. Avoid bright colors or strong patterns, as you don’t want to take away attention from your face. Neutral solid colors always work very well, and avoid any skin-toned colors. Since you may use your headshot photo in a smaller size (like your LinkedIn or Facebook profile picture), remember, simplicity is key. Keep it classy San Diego!

Can I get some custom photos unique to my business (ex. lifestyle & branding)?fotex2021-01-18T21:17:47+00:00

Yes, we will work with you to help create your vision. Professional headshots don’t all need to look the same; we can help create something that stands out! Something specific to what you want. You may want a corporate feel if you are in the marketplace, or the great outdoors where you can rub your feet in the dirt if you are a midwife. Don’t judge, we’ve done that!!

Are my headshots edited?fotex2021-01-18T21:16:27+00:00

Yes, your photo will be hand-edited by us. We will ensure every detail is perfect!

Professional Headshot FAQ