Real Estate & Architecture Photography FAQ

Real Estate & Architecture Photography FAQfotex2021-01-18T23:53:37+00:00
How long will the real estate photography session take?fotex2021-01-18T21:33:51+00:00

The timeframe varies depending on the size of the home or commercial building. Smaller homes will take less than an hour, while larger homes and buildings can around 1-2 hours. We take time to ensure that the house is beautifully displayed. We will go over the time requirements when you book your session.

When is the best time for real estate photography?fotex2021-01-18T21:32:39+00:00

Appointments are made based on the best availability of you and the sellers, but there are some times of day that can provide better results:

  • West-facing homes: Early afternoon
  • East-facing homes: Morning
  • North-facing homes: Early morning before the sun gets too high
  • All homes can look great during twilight.

Also, keep in mind, you don’t have to be there if you are not available. We promise to take care of the home and leave it secure!

Is it ok if the home isn’t furnished?fotex2021-01-18T21:30:15+00:00

Homes will generally be more attractive if they are furnished or staged, but we can photograph empty houses as well. We recommend hiring a stager, at least for important rooms like the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom. If you need a recommendation, we know some great professionals we’d be happy to introduce you to.

Who owns the photograph copyrights?fotex2021-01-18T21:29:19+00:00

We own the copyrights to all the photographs, which is standard practice in the photography industry. You are free to use the photos for personal or marketing purposes.

What if it rains or the weather is bad?fotex2021-01-18T21:28:37+00:00

If it’s cloudy or in the unlikely event of rain, we can reschedule if needed. Interior photos will generally be unaffected by poor weather, but the ocean’s visibility will be obscured. Poor weather makes the exterior darker, so we may have to return to photograph the exterior if the clouds or rain don’t subside.

Real Estate & Architecture Photography FAQ