Video Production FAQ

Video Production FAQfotex2021-01-19T00:10:06+00:00
What kind of videos do you create?fotex2021-01-18T21:14:20+00:00

We can do all kinds of videos for lifestyle, corporate, drone, social media, weddings, commercials, and more! Whether you’re a startup, wedding couple, Fortune 500 company, or non-profit, we’ll help bring your story to life! We’ll make sure to tell your story in a way that will inspire your friends, family, customers, clients, or donors.

What video services do you offer?fotex2021-01-18T21:13:28+00:00

We are a full-service video production company that includes concept drafting, filming, directing, drone footage, audio design, and editing.

Should we film indoors or outdoors?fotex2021-01-18T21:12:32+00:00

That depends on the type of video and subject matter. We can incorporate both outdoor and indoor shots! It really just depends on the project.

How long does it take to make a video?fotex2021-01-18T21:11:18+00:00

This number varies depending on the type, length, and concept of the video. In general, most video productions need a minimum of 4 weeks to complete and can take up to 3 months, depending on how complex the video is.

Can a professional video help me make more sales or bring more traffic to my website?fotex2021-01-18T21:10:32+00:00

Yes!! Study after study has shown that videos help increase sales, brand awareness, and website traffic! Videos help build credibility with your audience, encourage social shares, and can improve your search engine rankings! Videos are currently the number one informational strategy out there!!

Video Production FAQ