Lifestyle Headshots vs. Backdrop 2

Do you still have the same LinkedIn profile picture since 2010? Do you need an updated professional photo of yourself for your website? If so, you’re probably thinking it’s time to get some new headshots! But wait! Before going with the typical backdrop photos everyone has, have you heard of the trending lifestyle headshots that are growing in popularity? You may want to consider your options before going to your photoshoot! In this blog, we’ll be going over the differences between lifestyle headshots vs. backdrop to help you decide on the perfect one for you! 

Backdrop Headshots

We all know of those typical headshot photos with solid-colored backgrounds. While they’re a classic, they’ve come to be pretty old school for SOME professions. These headshots consist of a person who is posed in front of a set background, with the primary purpose of the shot being their expression. You can’t really tell much about the person’s personality. While they may seem a little overused, they’re great from professional profiles such as LinkedIn. 

Backdrop headshot

They also may convey exactly what you want your audience to see!  It depends on you, your profession, and what message you want to send to your audience.  These two examples here are perfect for these two gentlemen.  These photos convey their business, their personality, and exactly what they want their photos to say.

These photo sessions may be useful if you are in the financial world or the CFO of a Fortune 500 company.  Either way, a lifestyle session still may be a good fit for you! See why below.

Backdrop photo

Lifestyle Headshots

Lifestyle headshots are a lot more relaxed! They give people a hint of who you are as a person. This type of headshot usually incorporates “real-life events” into the photo, such as an author at a bookstore or a lawyer wearing his surf shorts at the beach! You can get creative and show people your hobbies and passion to give them a better idea of who you are as a person. Let’s face it. Most people want to see a photo of the person with whom they’re doing business. When you incorporate a personal headshot into your website, you generate trust among your clients. However, the unique thing about lifestyle headshots is that you can show people a little more about the true you! 

man on staircase (Lifestyle Headshot)

Benefits of Lifestyle Headshots vs. Backdrop

Unlike regular backdrop headshots, lifestyle headshots will distinguish you from others in your field by your willingness to be different in a modern yet professional way! By representing your choice of contemporary imagery, clothing, location, and facial expression, you can gain a greater appeal! Unlike backdrop photos, these photos are more interesting and exciting! It doesn’t simply consist of posing and looking into the camera. You can be doing what you love to do! Whether it’s playing the guitar, surfing, or simply reading a book, you are free to express yourself YOUR way! 

And if you have any level of an online presence, you will want to consider a lifestyle session.  You will have many photos to choose from that will last you months with fresh new content!

Maybe we start with a suit and tie in downtown San Diego and end up relaxing poolside with a cocktail.  YOU decide!!  That is the best part about it!

Lifestyle Headshots Lifestyle Headshot

Where Can I Use Lifestyle Headshots?

You might be asking yourself, “are lifestyle headshots too casual? Can I use it as a professional profile?” The answer is yes! You can use lifestyle headshots for pretty much anything you want. Popular examples include: 

  • Lots of social media content for your online platform
  • About Us pages
  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • Magazine Features
  • Professional Resumes
  • Corporate catalogs, brochures, and advertising material 
  • Articles and newspapers
  • Company publications and websites, both internal and external
  • Author pages
  • Press releases and other announcements

The Mike & Jenn Experience

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” While a regular backdrop photo is enough to show the professional side of you, most people want to know who exactly is the person they’re going to be doing business with. Apart from differentiating yourself from your competition, these photos are way more fun! At Mike & Jenn Photography, we’re passionate about providing an unparalleled experience. We’re always more than happy to help you choose outfits, poses, and locations to help you look your BEST!! If you’re going with lifestyle photos, you’ll have to tell us a little bit about you! We’ll ensure that the entire process goes smoothly, and we’ll make sure to have some fun along the way! We look forward to working with you and capturing some shots that will wow your customers and clients! We hope to see you soon! Mike + Jenn ♡