6 Reasons to Hire a Skilled Headshot Photographer

Do you want to boost your marketing strategy with some compelling headshots of your staff members? Showing these off on your website and your social media platforms is an effective way to introduce current and potential clients to your talented team members. While it’s tempting to go with the budget-friendly option, choosing an affordable college student, friend, or family member may not give you the best results. A blurry or poorly cropped photo can convey a sense of unprofessionalism and a lack of attention to detail that you don’t want your organization to reflect. It’s like remodeling your home. You may have some DIY experience and or a friend who loves fixing up houses, but you want to call in the pros when it comes to the big jobs!


Headshots serve as a first impression, and a stunning photo will give your team member a memorable impression. Professional images can build credibility, reinforce your company identity, and create a personal connection. Since your headshots act as the face of your company, it’s worth investing in and doing right. To keep your team looking their best, we’ve created a list of the 6 reasons to hire a skilled headshot photographer.


1. Professional Photographers Help Put You at Ease

Professional photographers typically have the people skills that can put clients at ease. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable and excited about the shoot so that you can be the best you! We’ll suggest some angles, poses, and expressions to create the message you want your image to portray. We understand that posing can feel a little strange at times, which is why we’ll help you with posing to make you look natural and feel comfortable in any setting!

Professional Headshot Photography 

2. They’re Prepared for the Unexpected

Professional photographers’ training and experience allow them to handle any logistical, technical, and interpersonal challenges that can occur during a session. Since they understand that unexpected problems can happen at any moment, they’ll usually come prepared with extra materials, equipment, and necessary backup plans. 


3. Professional Photographers Are Highly Skilled 

Unlike people who do photography as a hobby, professionals continue their education in the field, staying on top of new techniques and information. There’s no shortcut to experience, and you’re taking a pretty big gamble with newbie photographers. Don’t get us wrong; we highly encourage new photographers to go out and get as much professional experience as possible to grow and develop their skillset. However, for your company headshots, you may want to leave this one up to the pros! Additionally, professional photographers are used to working with a deadline to get the photos out when you need them.


4. They Have the Best Equipment

Professionals that run a business are more likely to use high-quality equipment and cameras to produce stunning results. They understand their gear inside and out and know the correct exposure, lighting, lenses, focus, and so on. They’ll have an assortment of quality lenses paired with the knowledge of which ones to use. In addition to equipment, they’ll also have the top editing software to bring out the best in each photo! They’ll make corrections and enhancements to improve the photo quality in the studio and the lab. 


5. They Understand Lighting

Lighting can take years to master in indoor and outdoor settings. Professionals can adapt and adjust their cameras in changing lighting conditions. They understand how the camera interacts with light and can create unique, customized lighting scenes. 


6. They Love What They Do

Professional photographers are more than just photographers; they’re artists! They’ll combine their photography knowledge with their artistic ability to help capture a photo that tells a story or sends a message about the person and organization. Professionals take pride in their work and will be highly invested throughout the entire process. They truly enjoy what they do, which makes the experience fun for everyone involved!

Mike & Jenn Experience

The Mike & Jenn Experience

We hope our blog about 6 reasons to hire a skilled headshot photographer helped show you the benefits of working with a professional! Whether you want photos for your websites, blogs, press releases, business cards, social media accounts, or advertising collateral, we can help! We’ll create a relaxing and enjoyable experience so you can have some fun and take some incredible photos! 


We can’t wait to meet you, and we look forward to capturing your best self! See you soon. Mike + Jenn