Blessed Wedding Photographers

Being wedding photographers has brought us so many blessings. It is refreshing to get to know and appreciate the couples we photograph on their Best. Day. Ever!  Better yet is when we stay in touch with them long after their wedding. Taking pictures of couples all over San Diego has become a fantastic adventure. We cannot call it a job. Capturing love brings us so much joy! Very often our relationship does not end with their wedding. We love it when we receive an email or a call announcing that our couples are going to have their first baby! The news always put the biggest smiles on our faces. And just like that, we get to photograph the Best Day.. Ever. After! and become maternity photographers in the best city, San Diego.

Every Love Story Is Special

Every love story is unique. Unlike fairy tales, our couples’ love stories are so real and so special to us. We get to capture the beginning of love and often we continue to photograph their love long after their wedding. You would think the love, the happiness and the excitement you witness at a wedding cannot be topped… Then we capture maternity photos!! The couple has the same passion, stronger love, and happy anticipation of the new little person that is going to join their lives.

Maternity Needs to Be Photographed

Even though sometimes exhausted from sleepless nights and morning sickness, future moms are stunning and glowing. Mommies to be, don’t ever think maternity photos are not for you. Pregnancy, although it may seem like long nine months, is such a short time. Motherhood needs to photographed, and no matter what you think now, once you capture those moments and look back at them, you will not regret it one bit. Pregnancy photos are the most flattering and precious.

Lucky Maternity Photographers in San Diego

We are suckers for a love story. It is truly an honor when our couples contact us after their wedding to take their family photos. We are so passionate to photograph love, growth, and life. We are so lucky to be your maternity photographers in San Diego.

The Mike and Jenn Experience

It does not matter if we have photographed your wedding or not. We would love to photograph the joy a new baby brings your family. Let us offer the Mike & Jenn Experience that will not only freeze these meaningful moments in your life, but will also ensure that the process of capturing these moments is fun, easy, and enjoyable!!

Maternity Photographers in San Diego

Maternity Photographers in San Diego