Classiest, most alluring community

Rancho Santa Fe is one of the classiest, most alluring and sought after rural communities in the country. Did you know that Bill Gates has one of his summer houses in Rancho Santa Fe? So, the fact that one of the world’s wealthiest people has a summer house here has to speak to the high remarks of the area! If you have decided to have your wedding here, Mike & Jenn Rancho Santa Fe Wedding photographers have a few breath-taking venues in mind.

Wedding dream come true

A Rancho Santa Fe wedding is a dream come true. Because an enchanting forest surrounds the city itself.  And in the middle of it all, there are country clubs, secret gardens, inns, and many other venues. So, that makes a perfect setting for a memorable wedding. If you are looking for a dreamy, and out of a fairy tale book wedding,. Rancho Santa Fe is the place. Because, this fascinating community has been blessed with talented Rancho Santa Fe Wedding Photographers Mike & Jenn. Because this couple will capture enchanting and dreamy moments for you to cherish for the rest of your life.

Secret Garden

The Secret Garden at Rancho Santa Fe is the ideal destination for your dream wedding. At your wedding in Rancho Santa Fe, you will be surrounded by whimsical gardens in the background. Charming details at every corner make it the perfect place for photography. At the Secret Garden, you will be able to enjoy the indoor and the outdoor charm, allowing you the flexibility to experience your dream wedding.

Rancho Santa Fe is a short 5-mile drive to multiple beaches in California. If you cannot decide between a garden or a beach wedding, why not combine both?

The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe

The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe is also a fantastic venue to celebrate your Best. Day. Ever! A place where you, your family and guests can escape your everyday life and focus on the most anticipated event of the year, your wedding.

The Mike and Jenn Experience

Mike and Jenn Photography will make sure you enjoy every moment, from sunny receptions to a spectacular sunset, transitioning to the memorable wedding night. Mike and Jenn Photography has mastered the art of photography, but being able to capture amazing photos is only a part of the Mike & Jenn experience. It starts from making sure that you have fresh lipstick on and a straight tie, to reminding you to stop and enjoy every moment, while delivering memories that will last a lifetime.

Rancho Bernardo Wedding Photographer

Rancho Bernardo Wedding Photographer