Rated one of the best neighborhoods in San Diego

Rancho Bernardo is rated one of the best neighborhoods to live in San Diego. With many parks, hiking trails, and a wide variety of shops it is a perfect suburban neighborhood. It is also a fantastic area in San Diego to have the perfect dream wedding. Rancho Bernardo’s weather is an iconic combination of an inland valley with a refreshing coastal breeze. In Rancho Bernardo, you have the weather, the ambiance, and the views! You are only missing the most critical part of it all. The team of photographers that will capture your Best. Day. Ever! Mike & Jenn are your number one choice to complete the perfect Rancho Bernardo Wedding Photogrpahers.

Dreammy garden wedding

There are multiple locations to have a garden wedding in this area. One of them is the Bernardo Heights Country Club. In this elegant country club, you can enjoy the views of the Rancho Bernardo Valley and surrounding hills, as well as their golf course that has a charming lake surrounded by lush greenery. A Rancho Bernardo wedding Photographer would consider the setting a perfect love nest. But this isn’t the only one!

If your heart is set on a garden wedding in Rancho Bernardo, you can also find an enchanting setting at the Rancho Bernardo Inn. Styled gardens with sun-splashed terraces create enchanting elegance from every point of view. It is a sight that will make you fall in love all over again. Mike & Jenn Photography will make sure all the magic of your wedding lives on for years with great photos. Freeze your Best. Day. Ever! at the best location with Rancho Bernardo photographers, Mike & Jenn.

The Mike & Jenn Experience

Mike and Jenn understand how valuable your special day is. These Rancho Bernardo wedding photographers will make sure you truly enjoy this day, moment by moment. Mike & Jenn offer an experience that no other Rancho Bernardo wedding photographer can compare to.

Do not hesitate to hire Mike and Jenn, a Rancho Bernardo Wedding Photographer that will help make your day the best. day. ever! Contact Mike & Jenn Photography today.

Rancho Bernardo Wedding Photographer

Rancho Bernardo Wedding Photographer