Say “I do” at a wedding venue in Point Loma!

Point Loma is a seaside community with spectacular views and a rich history which makes it an ideal destination for a wedding. There are many venues you can choose from to celebrate your best. day. ever! Don’t forget to hire the best Point Loma Wedding Photographers!

Ocean View Room

The Ocean View Room in Point Loma offers a serene view of the bright blue sky and a mighty and mesmerizing ocean. There does not seem to be an end to it, which is a perfect symbol of everlasting love. Beautiful architecture and luxurious relaxing views make Point Loma the ideal setting to celebrate your eternal love.

Mike & Jenn Photography, your Point Loma Wedding Photographers, want to give you a few tips for the perfect seaside or beach wedding.

Tips for the bride:

If a seaside wedding or beach wedding is your dream, follow these tips. To be able to enjoy your day comfortably, and you will want to dress accordingly.

  • The first tip is to skip the big fluffy dress as it may be challenging to walk down a sandy or grassy aisle.
  • Think light! You will want to have a dress that is light and flows with the breeze of the ocean. Fabrics like chiffon or charmeuse are light and will do the job flawlessly.
  • A veil can be a symbol of modesty and many veils are simply beautiful. However, stay away from long and flowy veils. Beach weddings often come with the ocean breeze and this might make it hard for you and your photographer. If you are going to have an outdoor wedding, it is recommended to accessorize your hair with flowers or an elegant fascinator.
  • Ditch the heels! (Isn’t that just nice!)  Sand and hills just don’t get along. Wear flats or beautiful bride sandals.

These tips are also great for bride’s maids, the mother of the bride and all the ladies in the wedding party.

Tips for the groom

For the groom, the list is much shorter! We all know how much easier it is to dress the groom. The seaside or beach wedding makes it even easier. Please throw out the tux! Although the bride might dream of her groom in a sharp black tux, this might not be the most comfortable and appropriate outfit in a tropical beach setting. Instead, have the guys go informal. Wear comfortable shirts; you may want to unbutton the top button for extra comfort, even though that might make the bride extra nervous. (wink, wink)

The Mike & Jenn Experience

Great! Now that you have your perfect setting and outfits figured out, it’s time to find the ideal professional Point Loma wedding photographer. Well, look no further. Mike & Jenn Photography are not just your favorite Point Loma wedding photographers, they provide an experience that no one else brings to the table. Mike & Jenn Photography will be with you every step of the way, making sure you enjoy your Best. Day. Ever! and have as much fun as possible. And at the same time Mike and Jenn Photography will capture images that will be treasured through generations.

Point Loma Wedding Photographer

Point Loma Wedding Photographer