Why Your Wedding Album is So Important

Your wedding day is one of the most important—and happiest—moments in your life. ♡ That’s why it’s important to preserve these moments with a wedding album! But you might be thinking, “in this digital age where computers and phones are everything, why would anyone want a wedding album?” A wedding album is your first legacy as a couple and is one of the few long-term archival you’ll have throughout your life. Below we’ll go over several reasons why your wedding album is so important!!! ♡

Why Your Wedding Album Is So Important

Wedding photos are precious gems to reminisce about, and a wedding album is the best way for them to remember your best day ever! Not just that, but it helps you remember more than the details—it helps you remember the exact way you felt on your wedding day.

The album is often the only lasting memory from one of the most important and foundational moments of your life. It’s the only tangible memory that reminds you of the moment you said, “I do.” It’ll allow you to pick it up off the coffee table years down the road and remember how you felt on that enchanting day.

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Wedding Albums Have the Power to Save Marriages

We believe that wedding albums have the power to save marriages. After the dust has settled from the wedding, life comes rushing back in. Work and daily stresses come in, and the lovey-dovey charm can easily fade away. One person in the relationship may not have the best aim when throwing laundry or their aim around the toilet. Do we want kids? How will we raise them? Do they like my family? The list goes on and on.

On the wedding day, we see the future in each other. We look better than we ever have, and we just bought dinner for more people than we ever will again. The wedding day has magical moments, and it allows us to look at each other, just for a moment, like we have the brightest future ahead of us. That is a powerful thing to look back on when we pick up the sock that didn’t quite make the hamper.

Wedding Albums Serve as a Legacy

A wedding album is, when you think about it, your first family heirloom. Of course, an album is important to the couple, but it is even more important to their children as they look at photos years from now and learn where their story started. It is more important to their grandchildren who get lost in the nostalgia of seeing people who are no longer with them and seeing their passion and zest for life—and knowing that’s where they came from.

Bride and groom - Your Love Story is Worth Being Told

Your Love Story is Worth Being Told

Lastly, the biggest reason why wedding albums are so important is because your love story is worth being told. It doesn’t have to be grand or dramatic. Every love story is unique and beautiful! That’s why it’s essential that you have it preserved and shared with loving detail and attention. Later down the road, when you’re celebrating your anniversary, you can sit on the couch together and reminisce about the magical moments of your one and only wedding day.

The Mike & Jenn Experience

Having your images as digital files is awesome—but having a tangible album…being able to sit down together, flip through the pages, and relive your best day ever through a gorgeous book in your hands? It’s an experience you will never forget! At Mike & Jenn Photography, we’re passionate about providing our wedding clients with the BEST wedding photos possible! If you’re hoping to print a wedding album, we’re more than happy to help! Just give us a jingle! We look forward to working with you and capturing the best version of you on your wedding day! Hope to see you soon! Mike + Jenn ♡