Marketing is an essential part of your business, so why not step it up a notch? Video marketing is something every business should invest in! If you want to: make your brand unique, build relationships with consumers, effectively engage with your consumers, and increase your business’s conversion and sales, then video marketing is a MUST!!

In fact, video marketing statistics show that 63% of businesses are using videos as a marketing tool, and out of those, 82% feel that videos are a crucial part of their business’s marketing strategy, and here’s why…

Why Video Marketing Works

1. It Makes Your Brand Unique

Your brand will not be successful if it can’t stand out when it’s compared to others. Consumers everywhere research and read about different products, but how can you make their experience different?

Studies show that 79% of consumers would rather watch a video to learn more about a product rather than to read about it. Videos also draw a customer’s attention more than anything else, so it is important to look at the facts…  84% of consumers are more likely to buy something after watching a brand’s video.

Now think about how that can positively influence your conversion rate, and you’ll realize why videos are an indispensable marketing tool.

2. Builds Relationship with Consumers

Want to build a relationship with your consumers? Video marketing is the perfect way to do just that. When people see someone on the screen, they tend to build a sense of relationship between them and the brand. Consumers learn who the person is and hear and see their emotions, which is something that traditional content is not able to do.

Videos give the consumer a better sense of what kind of people are behind your brand and why they are so passionate about wanting to help the consumer in the process. When you leverage the benefit of having powerful video content, you do not only build trust, but you push viewers toward a desired action.

3. Engages Consumers More Effectively

Did you know that consumers are 10 times more likely to comment, engage with, and share video content on social media more than blog posts or other related social media updates? Not only does it engage consumers more, but they can see how the product or service works at the touch of a button.

Studies have found that videos received 1200% more shares on social media than text and images put together. For that sole reason, views on branded video content have increased 257% on Facebook and 99% on YouTube since June 2017. This proves that video marketing is an essential part of your overall marketing strategy. Need we say more?

4. It Makes You More Money!

Last but not least, video marketing not only increases conversions, but it also leads to more sales! Yes, having text on your website is still important, but including videos makes it more appealing to visitors, which makes them more interested in exploring more of your website and finding more things your business has to offer. This leads to higher conversions.

Do you want your business on Google’s first page? Well, if you have us make high quality, compelling videos, then visitors will stay on your website a lot longer. This sends Google a positive signal, which helps improve your search ranking in return. We all know, landing on Google’s first page can definitely benefit your business, especially when it comes to conversion and sales.

Before You Go!

You might be wondering… Why are Mike and I talking about video marketing? Well, we are happy to announce, we now do video production as well. So, what are you waiting for? If you are interested in making more money and promoting your brand like never before, we’d love to help you with your every video need! Find out what the Mike + Jenn Experience is. We can’t wait to meet you!