Jessica and Josef…… and then there was one more! Do you think it’s possible to snap the same number of photos in two minutes as they once did in a decade? Today, we take as many pictures in one year as they did for a whole decade in the 1800s. That tells me that folks want their pictures taken! But it’s more than that, isn’t it? People wish to ENJOY having their photos taken. Helping others to enjoy their experience is what we LOVE to do.

Meet Jessica, her husband Josef and their family……

They are spunky, fun and energetic!  To Jessica and her husband, family is important.  They visit.  They bond. They create memories.  They don’t mind the chaos.  They all relaxed, as the kids ran around, climbed trees and played in the great outdoors.  Getting dirty wasn’t important…… capturing memories was. Folks want their pictures taken!

And when you see mom and her boys, it all becomes clear to you.  It started with her and dad.  Carefree.  Loving.  Fun.  And boy oh boy does she adore them.   They are her pride and joy and she’s proud to show it.  Good job mom!  You did well.

But there’s more!!  Oh so much more!!  A huge congratulations to this couple for adding to the family fun!  We couldn’t be more excited for you two love birds!!  Enjoy every minute of it!!  Coming May 2020.  Until we meet, grow little one, grow.

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We look forward to meeting you!!  Mike and Jenn 🙂