How to Plan Your Ultimate Wedding with COVID-19

It’s a challenging time for couples who are having their wedding during COVID-19. That’s why it’s important that you carefully plan for it. Measures to prevent the spread of the virus have restricted group gatherings, however there are many ways you can still enjoy your BEST. DAY. EVER! This blog will go over how to plan your ultimate wedding with COVID-19.

What to Do If You’re Postponing Your Wedding

Your heart is set on the ceremony and reception you’ve planned for, but due to coronavirus, you may have to postpone your wedding to a later, safer date. This is the reason why 2021 will be one of the biggest wedding years ever. Successful wedding planning during COVID-19 requires lots of patience and flexibility. Fortunately, all the details can be figured out. Mike and I have a couple of good recommendations for private estates you could use for your wedding in case you need one!

Contact the Venue and Ask for Available Dates

You’ll want to determine when and how to move forward while minimizing your financial losses due to postponement. Vendor contracts vary. Some include provisions that protect against extraordinary circumstances, so read your contract carefully. As dates in 2021 begin to fill up, a new date may not work for your venue, so consider a few dates that are:

  • Off-season
  • Off-months
  • On different days of the week

These alternatives could potentially come with reduced pricing!

What to Do If You’re Keeping Your Date & Venue During COVID-19

Many couples are planning on keeping their date and venue, regardless of potential amendments they will have to make to the ceremony and reception because of COVID-19. Doing so will require compromise, patience, and ingenuity–many of the same virtues that will serve you well in a good marriage!~ Just remember that even though it won’t be as easy, your wedding is an exciting milestone, so no matter what form it ends up taking, it should be enjoyed! The planning process of the wedding should be taken forward with the required safety precautions kept in mind.

Ask the Venue About Their COVID-19 Restrictions

It’s important to have an understanding of the local restrictions of your wedding location. Talk to the caterer and venue about conceptualizing a new style that offers fresh options with safety in mind. Weddings trends this year include smaller, more intimate events fondly termed as “micro weddings”. You may have to consider a smaller, more intimate wedding to stay within a better safety zone. Don’t forget that there are private estates that can be used as venues as well!

Plan for What a Social Distanced Wedding Could Look Like

Your wedding may look a little different than what you imagined, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be your BEST. DAY. EVER! Expect to see spread out seating arrangements and guests wearing facemasks. If dancing is one of your ideal event’s key elements, you could spread smaller dance floors around the venue. You can also set up a video chat station to talk with virtual guests. Shifting to an outdoor area might also be a good idea since extra ventilation and space is an efficient way of keeping your guests feeling safe. Your vendors can help adapt your plans for a safer event. Private estates are also available for venues. We have some recommendations as well. Let us help!

Weddings during COVID-19 won’t be the same as what we’re used to, but as long as you properly prepare for it while taking in the current restrictions, it can be just as charming as ever! We hope this blog helped you get an idea of how to plan your ultimate wedding with COVID-19. Mike and I want to make sure we capture the most beautiful side of you on your BEST. DAY. EVER! We want to help relieve some stress, which is why we’re giving couples $500 off when they book early. What are you waiting for? Experience the Mike and Jenn experience and save $500 at the same time when you book with us by December 31, 2020. *Deposit refundable. Restrictions apply.