Many many years ago, when you heard the words family portraits, family pictures, or family photos, etc. a certain image popped into your head of the traditional family portraits where every member of the family was looking at the camera with a smile.  Although, these type of pictures still exist, and it is still the go-to option for many. Family sessions are now reaching another level, and that is called lifestyle photography.

What Is Family Lifestyle Photography?

Before we continue, let’s look into what family lifestyle photography is. Although we cannot find a straight answer in a traditional dictionary, Mike & Jenn Photography has done and experienced enough of them to have a pretty good definition of the subject. These sessions are styled, planned, and designed to capture who you are rather than focusing on just family looks.

Outdoor Fun

Let’s dig down deeper into the meaning of lifestyle photography.  Imagine a family at a park, hiking and playing together versus a sit-down photo where everyone looks at the camera and smiles. Instead of having little sister and brother looking straight at the camera and smiling, which rarely happens:) like on the popular family portraits we are used to seeing, with lifestyle photography you might have a memorable moment where they are chasing each other, playing and laughing. This way, we can capture their real smiles and emotions instead of the rehearsed ones.

Family Portraits VS Family Lifestyle Photography

Home Comfort

Lifestyle shoots can also happen at home, and you may catch a pillow fight among siblings and even grownups!! It can also be a picture of mom and dad cuddling on the couch with siblings lying on their laps. Lifestyle sessions are not limited only to the family but also to love birds that just got engaged and want a lifestyle photo session in the comfort of what will become their home instead of out and about.

Family Portraits VS Family Lifestyle Photography

Enjoy Togetherness

Family lifestyle photography can also capture an activity that the family enjoys together. Think about those activities that you do as a family, such as camping, biking or playing sports! Whatever it may be, the focus will be on capturing candid photos filled with emotions, interaction, and real personalities.

Family Portraits VS Family Lifestyle Photography

Family lifestyle photography sessions are so much more fun vs. the traditional family portraits. The best part is that you could also catch a family portrait where everyone is looking at the camera during all the fun. Lets have fun with your family and allow Mike and Jenn Photography to bring the enjoyable experience and capture priceless memorable moments.