You look for a photographer that can capture memories or business marketing content in an eye-captivating way, right? The only limit on the creativity of those photos is the photographer. That’s why Mike and I are giving the “Mike + Jenn Experience” a whole new meaning… with DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY! You might be thinking, ‘What’s so special about it?’ Well, Mike and I are here to tell you the benefits of drone photography!

The WOW Factor

Have you ever seen aerial photos and think ‘WOW, that is an amazing shot!’ That’s because drone photography has that ‘wow’ factor that can take your pictures to a whole other level!

Get the FULL Picture! 

Usually, with traditional photography, you get a small or partial view of the scenery in your pictures, but with drone photography, you can get a complete picture of the entire location. That means more beautiful sunsets, beach shots, and other breath-taking photoshoot areas!

Don’t be Basic, Be Extra

Whether you want photographs for your wedding, maternity shoot, or graduation… Why be basic? It’s your special day, so let Mike & I help you go all out! Drone shots are much more extravagant and cinematic, which are proven to create a stronger emotional connection with the viewer than traditional photography can. Looking at them will make you relive those special memories as if it was just yesterday.

Step Up Your Real Estate Game

If you’re a real estate agent or trying to sell your home, then you definitely need drone photography! Why? It allows you to show off the amazing views your home has to offer. Drone photography also adds another level of marketing that other real estate ads don’t have. Plus, did we mention your home is likely to sell faster and for a better price? Mike & I can’t wait to help step your real estate game up!

Before You Go! 

If you’re ready to take your pictures to the next level with drone photography… What are you waiting for? Experience the benefits of drone photography and find out what the Mike + Jenn Experience is all about. We can’t wait to meet you!