It’s wedding season! Sadly, this year, weddings aren’t going as planned… Large weddings are either being postponed or canceled because of COVID-19, but guess what?! People are still getting married! In this blog, Mike and I will tell you 5 reasons you should have a Courthouse Wedding in San Diego!


People are not letting COVID-19 stop them from marrying the love of their life, which is why Courthouse Weddings are becoming more and more popular!


You might be thinking, “Why should I have an ugly courthouse wedding?”

Perfect Location for Pictures

Courthouse weddings in San Diego are anything but ugly! In fact, there are a lot of beautiful locations to take the perfect wedding photos! The courthouse is a historical building which offers breath-taking spots inside and out. Plus, the San Diego Waterfront Park is steps away and makes for the perfect place to kiss your boo!


Save Money!

We’re in the middle of a pandemic, so saving money is not something anyone can complain about! Plus, with all the money you’ll be saving, that means you’ll have extra money to spend on a quality wedding photographer!

5 Reasons You Should Have a Courthouse Wedding in San Diego


Not only will you save money by having a courthouse wedding, but you can get your marriage license and have your ceremony all in the same day too! But don’t worry, even if you don’t want to have your ceremony the same day, your license is valid for 90 days, so you still have a couple of months to get the perfect dress!

It’s Intimate 

Since the rooms in the courthouse are small, you’ll only be able to have up to 15 guests. But hey, that’s even better! Small and intimate weddings are perfect for putting the spotlight on you and your boo!

5 Reasons You Should Have a Courthouse Wedding in San Diego

You Don’t Have To Be From San Diego!

The best thing about having a courthouse wedding in San Diego is that you don’t even have to be a San Diegan! Just think about how romantic it would be to get away and marry your best friend here. Plus, there are plenty of delicious restaurants and bars where you can celebrate after. Don’t forget to book your honeymoon suite with the perfect view of San Diego’s skyline!

5 Reasons You Should Have a Courthouse Wedding in San Diego

Before You Go! 

What are you waiting for?! Start planning your Courthouse Wedding in San Diego and find out what the Mike + Jenn Experience is all about. We can’t wait to share your “Best Day Ever” with you!