Many things have changed and have been put on hold since the COVID-19 pandemic. But some things in our lives can’t actually be put on hold, which is why you need a photographer! You might be thinking… ‘Why would I need a photographer right now?’ Well, Mike and I are here to tell you the 5 reasons why you need a photographer amid COVID-19!

1. Baby Isn’t Waiting!

Are you pregnant and expecting baby to come any day now? Well, we hate to break it to you… but your precious little one isn’t going to wait for the pandemic to be over! That’s why you need a photographer… to capture how glowing you are while a little miracle is growing inside you! Don’t have one? Don’t worry, Mike and I are here to help! We will be there pre and post baby all in the comfort of your own home or hospital… and if you want, we’ll even be there for the birthing too! We want you and your boo to enjoy and take in every minute leading up to baby’s arrival. That’s why we want to capture all the sweet moments, so you can have pictures to last a lifetime.

2. You’re Graduating!

Whether you’re graduating from high school or college – Congratulations, you did it! Graduating is a big accomplishment, and you should be so proud of yourself. Although, your graduation ceremony won’t be what you expected due to COVID-19, don’t let that take away from all your achievements. You deserve to shine and have pictures to look back on your big day! So get ready and put on your favorite outfit… It’s photo shoot time! (But don’t forget your cap and gown)

3. Head shots, Head shots, Head shots!

Thousands of people lost their jobs due to the pandemic, and if you’re one of them, you’re probably submitting your resume to every company that is hiring right now. What better time to add a professional head shot to your portfolio or LinkedIn account?! The time is now. So if you’re job hunting, Mike and I are happy to help you make an excellent first impression for a potential employer.

4. Your Business Is Open!

Did your business just reopen, or is it in the process of reopening? You’re probably stressing about how you’re going to make up the money you lost when you were closed… But don’t worry, that’s why Mike and I are here to help! Amazing photos and videos are what’s going to help you get your business booming again! You’d be surprised how much your marketing efforts pay off and speed up the recovery of your business amid COVID-19.

5. You’ve Got a House to Sell!

Are you a real estate agent or a homeowner trying to sell your house? Then, you need the best photographer you can get! The best part is that you don’t even have to be there. Sit back and relax, Mike and I have got it covered. We’ll make sure to capture your home’s beauty so that everyone is guaranteed to want to buy it!

Before You Go! 

If you related to one of these 5 reasons why you need a photographer amid COVID-19, Mike and I are happy to help! We know a lot of people are still social distancing, which is perfect for photography! We do recommend taking photos outside, but if you prefer taking pictures inside, we’re more than happy to wear masks and gloves upon your request! What are you waiting for? Find out what the Mike + Jenn Experience is all about. We can’t wait to meet you!