Real Producers Magazine Cover and Spotlight

This month’s edition of the Real Producers Magazine featured some outstanding people! We had the incredible opportunity to photograph Gary Massa, Arn Lundquist, and the power couple Willie and Laurelle Wilson. Mike and I want to give a huge shoutout to Gary Massa for getting the magazine cover and feature this month!


Gary Massa

Gary is an incredible real estate advisor and team leader focused on building a stronger community and helping his clients achieve wealth through real estate. His journey began as the Business Operations Manager of a mortgage company, where he then worked for a real estate broker and fully transitioning his career into real estate in 2007. Entering the marketing during 2007/2008 allowed him to understand the ins and outs of the industry, especially in challenging market cycles. His business quickly took off, and his experiences allowed him to help his clients avoid mistakes and guide them on a smooth path towards their goals. 


He’s earned his real estate license in Mexico, working with the Ronival brokerage in Los Cabos. This gives him the opportunity to help San Diego clients looking for a change of pace, whether they want to invest, retire, or purchase a second home in Cabo. Being a San Diego local with a great real estate reputation allows clients to confidently employ him as their guide into a new market. Gary helps others build wealth through real estate so they can comfortably retire and provide a legacy for their family.


Gary Massa's Team


He credits his team members as they achieved remarkable results in 2020, with 65 transactions accounting for $60 million in sales! Gary cherishes his time with his family and is passionate about his community and clients. 


Arn Lundquist

In this month’s issue, Arn talks about his time growing up fishing on the open ocean in Alaska and learning the building trade by framing houses. His experiences taught him the important lesson of humility that he still carries with him today. He states that “humility teaches you that you can be successful at what you do without having to take from people.” After twenty years in the general contracting industry, he decided to make a significant career change to home inspection. It was exciting for him to start working with people more, helping them see their house for what it is. He takes a unique approach with HERON Inspection to connect with his clients and believes the tools he’s developed can transform the inspection industry! 


Arn Lundquist & Family

Willie & Laurelle Wilson

Willie and Laurelle are a harmonious team that has built a successful business upon their aim to serve those within the San Diego community. In this month’s issue of San Diego Real Producers Magazine, Willie reflects on his roots, coming from a family in the real estate and adjacent industries. After high school, he started at a construction job shoveling trenches and quickly climbed up the ranks into a customer service management role while gaining his real estate license. As Laurelle worked on her Bachelor’s degree, she took real estate courses and became Willie’s sales partner after the builder Willie worked for saw how well the two worked together. In 2010 they began their real estate journey together and started working towards eventually opening their own brokerage. In 2017 Whole Life Properties was officially born, and their extensive background gave them the experience and skill needed to succeed. They bring book smarts and street smarts to the business allowing them to complement each other and create a company focusing on customer experience. Their goal is to put their clients first and to help them “feel whole after every transaction.” 

Willie & Laurelle

Mike & Jenn Photography

We’re incredibly proud of everything these four have achieved, and we’re honored to be able to capture the photos of them for this month’s issue! If you want to check out the full articles of this month’s Real Producers Magazine, click here. We are always so excited to partner with San Diego Real Producers; Jessie and her highly skilled team will give you an inside look into San Diego County’s real estate market. Check them out on Facebook or Instagram!

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