Most serene and climate perfect

Temecula, California is one of the most serene and climate perfect locations of the greater San Diego area. Surrounded by 3,000 acres of picturesque award-winning wine country. Let us bring the Mike & Jenn Experience to your Temecula wedding, They best Temecula wedding photographer team.

Temecula Valley Wine Country

About 60 miles north of San Diego and just over 89 miles southeast of Los Angeles you can find Temecula Valley Wine Country, the heart of California’s South Coast Wine Region. Countless hills covered with vineyards, lush views of about 11,000-foot-high mountains, ocean breeze caress, and world-class wines make the Temecula Valley Wine Country a magical and memorable wedding venue.

Designed only for your Best. Day. Ever!

A simply beautiful venue for a memorable wedding is Villa de Amor, which was exclusively built for weddings only. Composed of a ten-acre vineyard and gardens, Villa de Amor, is one of the most calming and charming locations of the greater San Diego area. Since this venue’s sole purpose is to host your Best. Day. Ever!, you will never be surprised about anything looking different from the pictures. and you  will find manicured gardens and lawns, Tuscan inspired architecture and incredible views of the wine culture.

Perfect romantic setting

You have found the perfect romantic setting for your dreamed Temecula wedding ceremony. You have dreamed of this day. In Temecula your wedding dream will become a reality. Just imagine manicured lawns leading to rustic bridges surrounded by vineyards. With perfect weather and enchanting views everywhere you look, Temecula is the ideal destination for your Best. Day. Ever! So choose the best photographer team, Mike and Jenn.

Wedding in Temecula

Once you have set your heart to a dreamy, rustic, and romantic wedding in Temecula, all you need is a Temecula Wedding Photographer. Mike & Jenn is an exceptional team who have captured many special moments in Temecula and the surrounding areas. Mike & Jenn Photography is passionate and are experienced professionals. Because they have mastered the art of freezing those memorable and unforgettable moments with photography they are able to make sure you enjoy every moment and having lots of fun.

Temecula Wedding Photographer’s – Mike & Jenn Experience

Live the unforgettable Mike & Jenn Experience that goes above and beyond taking pictures. We accept the responsibility of making these memories last forever. From making sure that you have fresh lipstick on and a straight tie to reminding you to stop and enjoy the moment while delivering memories that will last a lifetime.

Temecula Wedding Photographer's - Mike & Jenn Experience

Temecula Wedding Photographer’s – Mike & Jenn Experience