This is Tim and Lauren.  When we first met them, it was clear.  They were so in love.  So synched together.  So fun.  And so unoffendable.  It was like they were an old married couple.  And that is how they describe themselves too!

Working together, becoming close friends and then falling in love, Tim and Lauren had their Best. Day. EVER! after just a few years of knowing they were meant for each other.  This is a couple who knows how to work hard, play hard and spoil each other. (I mean look at those red bottoms!!)


Once getting to know Lauren and Tim through their engagement session and then keeping in touch through the planning process, it was easy to call them friends.  They are so warm and welcoming, sharing their life with us, and it was an honor capturing their memories with friends and family.  To them it was a special moment of exchanging vows then a party to celebrate with family and friends.  And boy did they!! Shots for the guys 🙂MEP_6437.jpg

Having them over for their preview of their Best. Day. Ever!, we got to hear all about their first few months of marriage, reminisce about their wedding day and hear all the amazing details of their honeymoon cruise to the Mediterranean.  We are so glad to have been a part of it and to hear all about the beginnings of their life together!  We are certainly looking forward to dinner and a game at The Martinez home in the near future.