Little but Amazing

Miracles Happen

When you get engaged, something’s happened that impacts the rest of your entire life. In that short window of time, little but amazing miracles happened. Because in that short window of time, you found each other. You fell in love with them and they with you. And you both chose to make a life one with the other. Commit to each other. Even bring a new family line into this world in the near future.

Your Engagement

Affects Everyone

Like the water effect in a pond, it affects everyone around you. As time passes by, the offspring you’ve brought forth by merit of your commitment will affect every one of your descendants, generation after generation. As your children and their children go out into the world, they will influence, heal, help, sacrifice and in more than one way impact the world around them. Just like that, you changed the course of the world. That’s why we confidently say your engagement is meaningful and so much so that it has to be captured.



Portraits will outlive us. It is a magical experience to know that someone else in the future generation will see those photos. Someone, who won’t be born until the next decade. And you would be able to show your grandkids how young and in love, you were then. You may say something in the lines of “look this is grandma and grandpa when it all began”. Not only to revive the beautiful, memorable times of your life, but when the time comes, for all your future generations to see how it all started, and make them witnesses of the love they came from. Needless to say, all of these reasons are why we freeze these magical moments.

Engagement photos in San Diego

What Our Clients Say


When we got engaged a family friend told us that we needed to meet with these awesome photographers.  We met Mike and Jenn about a year before our big day and we were impressed right away.  They explained their process, what they have to offer and they even gave us some other vendor suggestions as well but what we loved most about Mike and Jenn Edwards was their personality and their passion for what they do.  They are incredibly loving and caring people and they made us feel so comfortable taking photos which we aren’t typically accustomed to on a daily basis.  Mike and Jenn were easy to work with and always willing to help us out with anything we needed.  They always checked in with us throughout the planning process and they even sent us some fun gifts to remind us to have fun and not get lost in the planning.  The day of the wedding could not have gone any smoother.  The Mike and Jenn experience was more than we could have ever imagined.  They are an amazing couple that work well together and their photos are stunning.  They went above and beyond as our photographers and we would recommend Mike and Jenn for any photography you might need.

Mike and Jenn definitely did may it our BEST. DAY. EVER!!!!

Bradford W.

My Husband and I had the privilege to work with Mike and Jenn Photography!
We did our maternity photo shoot at Marian Bear Park in San Diego, it had rained all week but they had plans A,B,&C so we did not have to worry about 1 thing if the weather took a turn for the worse.

This shoot doubled as our gender reveal for our little rainbow baby. They were totally on board with any idea we had but also had an amazing creative input in the areas we didn’t really have a preference about:) We decided to use colored smoke bombs in background of the photos to capture jaw dropping images!

They were so professional and captured the authentic love between my husband and i while giving simple tips to help position us for the PERFECT shots so we didnt look like amateurs haha.

Last photos we did was our wedding 4 years ago but they made us feel so comfortable, like naturals.
Could not be more impressed, worth every penny for the TRUE Mike and Jenn Photography experience!

Bronte C.

From the beginning Mike and Jenn were awesome to work with! My sisters flew in from Kansas and I flew in from overseas to surprise my mom. As you can imagine, it was difficult trying to coordinate plans with three other ladies and Jenn was more than patient and super helpful! Thankfully, Mike and Jenn were able to fit us in to their schedule on short notice and even helped pick the location.
During the session, we had a blast! Mike and Jenn were very professional and provided a stress-free and fun atmosphere and it definitely shows in our pictures. They had great ideas and were fantastic at making sure our hair/clothes/glasses were perfect for each take.
Afterwards, Mike and Jenn kept us updated on the process and today we received an email with the links to download the pictures and I could not be happier. We LOVE them. They did a fantastic job from start to finish. I would absolutely recommend them and I hope to use them again in the future!

Aryn T.

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