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Kelly is simply one of the best human beings you will ever come into contact with! She is beautiful, artistic and loves what she does. We can’t think of anyone else we would rather have be a part of our team. We have sent every one of our clients to her and they love her just as much as we do! When you meet Kelly, it’s then you will know just how special she is. Her talent doesn’t go without notice. She is truly gifted in what she does. Just take our word for it! 🙂

About Kelly Branch

I was born in Anchorage, but raised in San Diego. While I could never pull the “born and raised” card, I grew up in the heart of San Diego (North Park to be exact). I am a strong believer that dreams are super powerful (this goes back again to my favorite hobby). When I was young I always dreamed of owning my own salon and I would tell my family and friends about all my crazy, fun ideas.  ONE OF MY FAVORITE MEMORIES AS A KID, WAS WHEN I WOULD SNEAK INTO MY NANA’S BATHROOM AND DO MY HAIR AND MAKEUP.

Becoming a hairstylist and makeup artist was an obvious career path for me. It’s fair to say I have been doing makeup for quite a while. A couple of years after high school, I decided it was time to conquer the world of beauty. I attended the Marinello School of Beauty and graduated with a cosmetology license. I was so excited for this amazing accomplishment that I wasted no time and assisted many wonderful mentors who provided the best advice, techniques and tools to embark me into this beautiful cosmetology career.