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Amelia and Earnest are definitely what we think of when we hear the term “power couple”. They have it all. They are energetic, outgoing and all around amazing humans. Their ability to work together all for your benefit is quite the sight to see and feel! It doesn’t matter the season of life you are in, they can be a part of it. Getting married? Schedule a quiet, calming yoga session with all your bridesmaids. Don’t forget the mimosas!! Want to learn ways you can fit a quick yoga session in during your work hours, Amelia is your girl. Looking to bulk up or firm up? Earnest will help you with a specific plan that is catered just for you! He’ll even give you a meal plan! That is service ladies and gentlemen. We love Amelia and Earnest so much they are a part of our daily living and well being. Take care of yourself 🙂